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“The reason that people are unable to will themselves out of PTS is because it changes the brain.  The parts of the brain that are designed to deal with danger are overwhelmed, and the brain wiring is damaged.  This damage causes daily life to be intruded upon by episodes of vividly reliving the traumas, in a way that makes it very difficult to cope effectively.  Repairing that damage has been a formidable challenge to the mental health field.  A new class of therapies that combine the best of the psychological treatments, including exposure treatments, combined with the  physical interventions that shift the brain’s electricity, is proving to be highly effective.  One of these is called Energy Psychology, with EFT being the most popular format. In  EFT acupuncture points are stimulated by tapping upon them.  No needles or other equipment is required.  The procedure turns off the threat response, and brings the wiring in the brain to the condition it was in prior to the trauma.   Part of the resistance to the acceptance of EFT is that the reported results seem too good to believe.  Crackpot or genius?  90 evidence based studies, now support earlier field reports that the method is exceptionally rapid, potent, cost effective and the effects are lasting.   In my 30 plus years as a clinical psychologist, this is the most effective and the most powerful innovation that I have seen for treating PTSD. “

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Studys show that the effects on police personnel indicate a high price for our protection, sometimes resulting in negative effects for first responders.  When practiced regularly, EFT can mitigate the effects of daily stress.  More . . .

In practice, I've been privileged to serve many veterans with post traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury.  Generally speaking, EFT is fast, relatively simple because unlike cognitive therapy, does not require a lot of retelling of the traumatic event, with long-lasting results.   More . . .

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My name is Master Sergeant Baisden and I am a Bronze Star Afghanistan Disabled Veteran and have been placed on so many prescribed drugs by doctors that most of my days were spent walking around like a zombie, so I was looking for alternate way of coupling and very willing to try the holistic approach.


So when God placed Mrs. Toni Colley-Lee in my path to help me get out of pain without medications I was in like Flynn and my first session had me so relaxed that I thought that I was drugged and the funny part about it I did it to myself by using the tapping EFT method.


My anger aggression issues, depression issues, and PTSD symptoms issue needs more EFT healing and thus the need for your vote today, so please go vote and ask others to vote too thus helping me to continue to heal and helping millions of my Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans that will benefit from this holistic technique. I will be making many more appointments to deal with my issues and if you are a Veteran with TBI, PTSD, Anxiety, Anger Aggression issues and you need help contact her.  Thank you for helping me.


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As a combat veteran, disabled veteran and homeless veteran at one point in my life I have tried so many different types of medication, therapy, therapist, psychologists, psychiatrists that finally I gave up. When a fellow veteran and former roommate and her children were found dead in her apartment due to a suicide/murder, at their memorial service I found (well I should say she found me) the help that I had been seeking to start addressing depressions, PTSD, anxiety etc. This woman practiced EFT. She called me and has been meeting with me since February and helping me to take a holistic approach to healing. EFT helps to deal with the root cause of pain and takes you back to the moment happenstance to address the trauma caused during that experience.


She helped me to alleviate the trauma I faced when my camp was hit with incoming when stationed in Iraq and many other things. I do hope that this service is made available to other veterans to help them overcome the trauma they are facing on a day to day basis.


S. Simon


As a Vietnam era Navy Veteran, I have used EFT under the tutelage of Toni, and found it to be very useful for stress reduction and pain reduction for physical ailments. When I started, I had some vague, and not so vague physical issues from years of working hard as a Master Plumber. My exact words in that first session were "There is not a bone or muscle in my body that doesn't ache!" But four months later, I was sitting in a restaurant talking about life with a friend, and the work I'd done with EFT when I realized that I did not have one pain in my body! Not one of the nagging issues I had dealt with from crawling under houses and in all kinds of spaces. They were simply gone!


Baye Sebahive


I have been working with an EFT practitioner for about 18 months. My life has changed since I began using EFT on a daily basis. My energy was very low prior to EFT. I was in search of some deep healing around a very stressful traumatic experience that occurred in my life that left me feeling abandoned, broken and living in guilt and fear. Today, I am thriving and moving forward in life one step and a time. I am feeling lighter, balance and free.


As a former Army Reservist who worked with the Family Support Team, I worked with veterans who suffered from depression and PTSD. I truly believe EFT will be have a positive impact on our military veterans and their family members.


L. Ramsey




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