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Toni Colley-Lee

Mental and Emotional Wellness Consultant



Toni Colley-Lee EFT-CP II uses Energy Psychology and EFT to help clients release emotional bounds that inhibit a full life, relationships, and performance in social interactions and work.  She has extensive experience with people who have experienced sexual assault. 


Veterans Counseling

Energy Psychology and Emotional Freedom Techniques can reduce and alleviate symptoms of  hypervigillance, insomnia, red alert, survivor's remorse, post traumatic stress, military sexual trauma, anxiety, combat depression

and much more.


Athletic Performance

Using cognitive therapy, emotional interviewing techniques, and acupressure manipulation, Toni helps athletes improve and maintain focus, release past failures and the YIPS, increase endurance, energy, and

improve confidence.


Group Sessions 

Utilizing an array of modalities, Toni uses several with groups of 10 to 12 people to help families, and groups with common issues (Veterans, sexual assault, gender orientation, athletes & more) to overcome emotional obstacles and improve life quality.

Therapy Sessions
My Approach

I believe in a holistic approach to mental wellness, which includes the use of Energy Psychology, and Emotional Freedom Techniques. I work with clients to identify and address the root causes of their emotional struggles, and help them develop healthy coping strategies during and between sessions.

Using a combination of western and eastern methods,  along with proven practices acquired from training with 
The University of Georgia School of Social Work for Professional Counselors, I help clients create a path to relief, progress,

emotional stability and peace.

About Toni

Toni Colley-Lee EFT-CP II is a Mental Wellness Consultant  specializing in Energy Psychology and Emotional Freedom Techniques to help clients overcome emotional obstacles and achieve forward movement in life. She is trained as a State of Georgia substance abuse counselor in addition to over 20 years of experience, and certification in 5 different alternative treatment systems. She is dedicated to helping clients achieve a full life, healthy relationships, peak performance at work and in sports.

Getting Help

If you're struggling with emotional issues, I'm here to help. Contact me today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards mental and emotional wellness.




Self Esteem




Anger Management



and much more . . . 

Toni Colley-Lee EFT-CP II helped me overcome long term emotional issues I had no path to address before. Her use of Energy Psychology and Emotional Freedom Techniques is truly transformative.

Annette -  Age 30

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