Toni Colley-Lee, EFT-CP II

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Bring the vivid colors of your life to the forefront!

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If you are living life to its fullest, LIFE IS GRAND!


Toni Colley-Lee is a Certified EFT Level II Practitioner, specializing in YIPS, veterans, First Responders, peak business performance, eliminating past traumas, athletic performance and rebooting your life program!


Let’s paint a glorious picture and make all the colors POP!


"In January of 2013 I began asking the Universe what was required of me in order to manifest the desires of my heart.  Toni was the answer to that request.  Working with Toni supported me in transforming my lifestyle in a way that I would have never been able to do!"  

M. Eleazer – Baltimore, MD

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"My work with Toni has proven cathartic in my life. She has a gift for zeroing in on the issue and devising scripts that evoke the multiple levels that lie beneath. She's a gifted, intuitive coach overall and I've been able to shift my life immensely as a result. "



Washington, DC

"Before I met Toni, I couldn't possibly realize that my opinions were important, but she made me understand that I am my own person, and that I should be able to express my opinions.  She taught me that I deserve happiness."  



Sandy Springs, GA

"Working with Toni was a gift and I will always treasure all that I learned and assimilated in our experience together.  At that time in my life, I really needed to examine my relationship with myself and bring out a new level of authenticity, self-love and acceptance."    



Toronto, Canada



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